Health Information Management Discussion

Review the following four (2) Health Information Management (HIM) related ethics case studies. Address in a minimum of 250 words each for each scenario.. The discussion should contain a minimum of 2–3 peer-reviewed references using APA format.

Scenario(1) A new hospital opens in your local community and recruits for a HIM director, requiring that the person have an RHIA. An HIM professional in the community applies for the director’s position in the HIM Department and is hired. Shortly after starting her job, she is the hostess to the Regional Health Information Management Association meeting that is held monthly in the various hospitals in the community. At the meeting the new director is introduced as an Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA). Several of the local members know that she has the Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT) credential, not the RHIA credential. What is the appropriate action to take, if any?

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Scenario (2) A community hospital is implementing an application that will allow the physicians to sign their dictated reports electronically. There is one physician in a group practice who does not want to sign his individual reports. His group is willing to take turns each month signing all the reports dictated for the month. The name of the physician who saw the patient and dictated the report will be printed at the end of the report. The phrase “Electronically Signed By” will also be printed at the end of the report. The HIM Director is concerned that the phrase “Electronically Signed By” under the physician’s name implies that the physician actually signed the reports. In addition, the IS Department has requested approval of the practice of a designated physician signing the reports for the group practice each month. The HIM Director thinks that the electronic signature stamp should include the physician’s name who actually signs the report, with the date and time stamp. What action should the HIM Director take?