HCA1301 Columbia Southern Trauma Related Behavior & Cardiovascular Paper

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PSY 2010 UNIT IV Discussion Board Question

My classmate wrote this and I have to comment on it:

Considering all of the disorders covered in this unit, I think trauma-related behavior would be the hardest to live with. This is majorly because trauma disorders are known to cause unnecessary anxiety, fear, negative emotions and depression which collectively prevent a person from living the best life. If I suffered from the condition, then it is possible that my behavior as a person would be affected as I would suffer social withdrawal, anger, loss of work relationships, loss of interest in activities and recurrent violent outbursts (Schlumpf et al., 2019). Another disorder that would really compromise my life is the dissociative disorder because it comes with issues of memory loss, behavior, identity, perception and sense of self. They are commonly associated with previous trauma experiences.


My classmate wrote this and I have to comment on it:

Currently as of today I am glad that I have studied up on the Cardiovascular System because as I am sitting here writing this my mother is having triple bypass heart surgery. I got to go into my textbook and figure out some of the things that the doctor was trying to tell me about the procedure. I am glad that I had some idea of what was going to be done during her surgery by taking my textbook out and looking it up.

HCA 1301 Unit V Discussion Board

It is widely known that smoking is bad for your health. If everyone knows it is so harmful, why do so many people do it? Discuss why people start smoking and the challenges people face in attempting to quit smoking.

PSY 2010 Discussion Board Question

Throughout this lesson, you were asked questions to ponder several times. For this discussion, elaborate on at least one of those questions (listed below), and describe your own thoughts surrounding the question/topic.

  • Did you silently judge Angela when you read about her hangover and jittery feeling? Did you instead feel concern for her, or did the situation sound a little too familiar to your own experiences?
  • What if you had back surgery and developed an addiction to a prescription opioid that then ran out? Heroin is often used as an injectable alternative for those who find themselves in this position (also putting them at a higher risk of developing HIV/AIDS). Do you think you might resort to illegal means, and, if so, is that a choice freely made?
  • Are hallucinogens acceptable as part of someone’s religion? Should they have the right to continue use during prayer ceremonies?
  • What accounts for the development of substance use disorders? On the surface, we can generally agree that abusing drugs is a poor choice, but once a drug has entered the human body, how much of a choice do we have?
  • Did caffeine dependence/addiction surprise you? Remember that we are looking at substances that can be used to alter the mind and whose over-use can prove harmful.