Handling Conflict by Hiring Manager Discussion

Assignment 6

Section A

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You landed a job interview and a question arises by the hiring manager how you handle conflict. They present a scenario to you and ask how you would proceed.

The scenario:

You are completing your second rounds on your patients when another respiratory therapist asks for help. You have not had lunch yet, but the respiratory therapist states they are really behind. This respiratory therapist is known to ask for help and then sit in the break room for hours on their phone and watch TV. You are still new to the institution and want to be helpful, so you agree to take a few patients from their workload. As you are finishing up the last patient from their workload, you go look for the therapist and find them in the break room on their phone.

How would you proceed to deal with this scenario? Do you inform the coordinator? Manager? Confront the therapist that you don’t appreciate doing their work and them resting? Give them report on their patients and never help them again?

Explain in at least 100 words how you would handle this situation.

Section B

A 70-year-old female was thrown from her horse while ridding. It was determined that she had a C2 fracture. She was trached within 3 days of the accident. She was unable to spontaneously breathe. When the cuff was deflated, the patient was able to vocalize. She expressed her wishes for Morphine to be hung, and the ventilator turned off. Her two daughters did not agree with their mothers wishes and thought she was confused or depressed.

For the next week, Psych, ethics, palliative care, neurology and trauma surgery met with the patient and each other. A week later, morphine was hung, the cuff was deflated so the patient could say her final good byes and the ventilator was turned off.

Think about patient autonomy and how the outcome could have been different if the family members did not listen to their mothers wishes.

Explanation should be at least 100 words.