Good Notes needed for Exam prep for Nutrition

Notes needed for Exam

Chapter 8 – Vitamins

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·Differentiate between fat soluble and water soluble vitamins

·Describe the function of antioxidant vitamins

·Explain the factors that can destroy vitamins, and how to prevent this

·Define and describe the major functions, food sources, deficiencies, and toxicities of the fat and water soluble vitamins


·Define cancer

·Define carcinogen and explain how cancer develops

·List risk factors for developing cancer

·List methods of reducing cancer risk

·Define phytochemicals and explain where they are found and how they may help to decrease cancer risk

Chapter 9 – Minerals

·Describe the differences between vitamins and minerals

·List factors that affect absorption ofminerals

·Define and describe hypertension and explain how it is influenced by dietary factors

·Define and describe osteoporosis and explain how it is influenced by dietary factors

·Define and describe the major functions, food sources, deficiencies and toxicities of the minerals


·Explain why water is considered the most important nutrient

·List and describe the functions of water

·List the components of fluid balance and describe how they are affected

·Describe the consequences of drinking too little or too much fluid

·BPA and concern


·Define what makes up a standard alcoholic ‘drink’

·List reasons why people drink alcohol

·List possible health benefits of alcohol consumption

·Explain the process of alcohol absorption and metabolism

·Define BAC

·Compare and contrast the effects alcohol has on men vs. women

·List and describe the physiological and behavioral consequences of drinking alcohol

·Explain how alcohol affects nutrients and energy balance

·Explain the effects of alcohol on the liver

·Define and describe FAS, including alcohol recommendations during pregnancy