Final Exam Individual Exercises. Part C: Course Reflections

Your answers should be clear, succinct and objective, amounting to perhaps 3-4 sentences totaling 30 to 50 words; longer essays are strongly discouraged. It is recommended that you prepare your answers in a separate document from which you copy them into Canvas.

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Question 1 1 pts

Among the range of themes and subjects that have been covered within the class are there one or two topics that you found most engaging in terms of the subject matter? Also, is there a particular topic that explored an aspect of oceanography that surprised you?

A strong answer will describe a favorite topic and its appeal, and a component of the course topics that provided unexpected information about the ocean.

Question 2 1 pts

The various exercises integral to the course have involved visiting a variety of external websites. Are there one or two of these that you found particularly interesting or informative?

A strong answer will identify specific external websites and describe their particular appeal in the context of the information they provided about the oceans.

Question 3 1 pts

Was there any topic of oceanography that you consider was wasn’t covered in sufficient detail or was skipped over in the overall scope of course topics?

A strong answer will identify any specific aspect of the oceans that was not addressed in the detail that it could have been. (Note: this class is taught as a EAS rather than a BIOL course, which predetermines the balance between earth science in terms of marine geology versus marine biology.)

Question 4 1 pts

Are there specific aspects of oceanography or particular topics covered in the class and/or the eText that you consider were redundant to your experience of learning about the oceans?

A strong answer will describe any aspects of the course that, on reflection, seem less important than others, or detracted from the major themes and emphasis of the course.

Question 5 1 pts

The class materials in the themes and images and in the presentations often included materials that were addressed slightly differently from the eText. Did these differences, such as the inclusion of videos, aid your learning?

A strong answer will compare the differences between the course materials as presented and the eText, perhaps mentioning specific components of the class materials that you found engaging – or boring – in either format.

Question 6 q pts

Bonus Question (1 pt)

Are there specific changes that you would recommend in terms of the oceanographic themes explored in the course?

A strong answer will identify aspects of oceanographic science that could have been covered differently, or changes in the emphasis or balance among the different course components.

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