Final Assessment – Outline + BIBLIOGRAPHY + PROPOSAL (Very High Quality Paper Required – Should Be No Less Than A+)


Final Assessment Outline Instructions

Follow this format for completing your Outline for the Final Assessment:

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Legislative Proposal:

· Write a brief bulleted outline of your key legislative points

Key Terms:

· What key word will need to be defined in this legislation so the reader has a clearer understanding of the proposal?

Overview of Legislation:

· A brief overview of how your legislation will meet all the required needs of the Healthcare policy. This should be no more than 200 words.


· What information/research do you still need to find to complete your proposal? How can the instructor help you find this research?


Final Assessment Bibliography Instructions

Create a bibliography of your Final Assessment resources.   Your bibliography should include at least 10 scholarly, empirical, current sources (within the last 5 years) that are directly related to your legislative proposal and supporting documentation.  Be sure that you select a variety of respected sources that you can use in your paper.  Format the bibliography in correct APA style. 


For the final assignment in this course you will be asked to write a proposal for new healthcare legislation to be presented by your political party to the citizens of the United States. It will be an hour long televised presentation of where we as a nation are, where we are heading, and how your legislation will create the perfect healthcare for the American Citizens.

You must present legislation that provides for all the following provisions:

• Access to affordable healthcare by all Americans

• Coverage for those living below the poverty level

• Making existing healthcare legislation financially soluble

• Making insurance coverage portable for all Americans

• Making the legislation budget neutral without raising or creating new taxes

• Controlling medical costs by defining how medical professionals provide services and how Americans receive services.

Your paper should be no greater than 5–7 pages (not including title page, abstract and references). Introduction should be in formal written format following the APA manual for manuscripts. Legislative proposals can be written in bullet point outlines but they must be referenced to current research, either through the materials you have read in class, or through your own external research. 

The paper should include the following elements:

• Title page including running header

• Abstract and key word

• Introduction

o Current healthcare system

o Problems with the current system

o Future of healthcare if left as is

• Legislative proposals

• Summary

o Tie in the introduction and the proposed legislation to synthesize a final theme

• Reference page

A minimum of 10 references are required. You will use APA formatting for all citations and the reference page. Double spaced, 11 point, Arial font. It is important that you synthesize the information from your research in order to create a well-blended paper. Please understand that this assignment is not your opinion, it is legislation supported by documentation and will be graded as such. 

 If the Score is less than A+, the money has to be returned.  This is the Most important paper with most number of points. Please follow every single instructions else do not send handshake if A+ is not GUARANTEED!!