Ethical Issues Related to Gene Therapy Assignment

Write an opinion paper that will show you have thoroughly researched and reflected on ethical issues related to gene therapy. Be sure to choose a particular disorder/disease to use as an example. Below are a couple of links to sites that may help you in organizing your opinion paper. Please read the instructions carefully before contacting me.

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Note on Writing In Science

All information and relevant data are to be included in a logically sequenced manner.  In your writing, it is important to use appropriate writing style, tone, and scientific terminology.  Conduct your research using reliable, peer-reviewed and industry sources and ensure that sources listed in your reference list are directly related to information presented in your paper.  Use the appropriate referencing style for science to cite your sources.  For more information, see the page titled “References” in the Scientific Skills and Formatting module of the Introduction unit in your course. I’ve attached a rubric below.