Essay about what the future of some aspect of television should be

Write a 6-7 page essay about what the future of some aspect of television should be. Title your essay, “The Future of [whatever your topic is].” Describe what you think this aspect of television should look like in the near future — or, potentially, what it should not look like.

You can choose to focus on television ..

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  • Industries
  • Technologies
  • Culture (audience/viewer practices, or some other cultural aspect)
  • Economics
  • Politics
  • or some combination of these aspects of television

In describe how the future of [your topic] should look, you should focus much of the essay on how it currently is. So, you should look to indentify current trends in television that represent what you think television specifically should, or should not, look like in the near future. You should analyze and explain how this aspect (or combniation of aspects) of television currently works, with specific examples to illustrate this, and why. The purpose of your analysis of the present state of television is to make an argument about how television should be.

You should use at least 4 written resources that discuss your chosen topic, including at least 2 academic resources (book, book chapter, journal article). These can come from course readings or outside resources.

MLA format