Editing Required on a Thesis – Aromatherapy (Chapter 1)

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Editing Instructions:

PLEASE EDIT ONLY CHAPTER (1) of the Thesis (File Name: THESIS Updated.docx)

Edit A paragraph on Sleep Disturbances before Insomnia

Pointers to consolidate & discuss on in sequence order, Insomnia being the last:

  • -Difficulty falling asleep
  • -Short duration of sleep
  • -Poor quality of sleep
  • -Light sleeper
  • -Insomnia (to state it Must be medically diagnosed by a doctor)

Universal findings from several papers in establishing – A strong positive relation between decrease in sleep quality resulting in fall

Papers across indicating despite of the differences in terms of settings such as ethnicity, countries, and population. To conclude that universally, evidence shown a positive correlation in decrease of sleep quality will result in fall.

In other word, increase in sleep disturbances = increase in fall.

Edit A paragraph discussion on Aromatherapy after (i) sleep issues, (ii) insomnia, (iii) falls.

Go general on aromatherapy as the 9 papers provided stated different types of aromatherapy that is used. Hence, allowing older adults to choose their aromatherapy preference when comes to treatment. Hence, title of thesis ‘The Effect of Aromatherapy in Reducing Sleep Disturbances and Falls Among the Elderly Adults’

Thematic Literature Review

Attempt to organize these articles by theme (File Name: Articles.zip) if your literature review is going to cover multiple topics. Suggested themes include a brief history of your topic, recent advances made in the field of your topic, other projects that support your methods, other projects that had similar results as you anticipate, and other projects that had different results than you anticipate having.

mark information that you consider particularly relevant to your project that should be included in your literature review. Since you have grouped your articles by themes, highlight information relevant to that theme. For instance, if you have an article under the theme “experimental techniques,” highlight information within that article that informs your own experimental techniques; highlight the historical review portion of your articles that are under your “history” theme. This way, you will ensure that you have highlighted all necessary topics for your literature review.

From the 9 articles, to group them according to the themes.

The sequence as follow, but to come up with own headings for the respective themes:

  • Sleep quality or disturbances, to how it led to falls (adverse effect)
  • Falls (The impact of fall is critical on older adults which is associated with sleep issues)
  • Aromatherapy (An alternative prevention in reducing sleep disturbances and falls)

If you do this well, I still have Chapter 2 and 3 for you