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Kay Haw

Fri at 8:49 AM

Nardia can someone sue a company that is conducting research if a participant dies or become incapacitated during a research trial?

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Discussion 2 Parks

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Jordan Parks posted May 7, 2019 7:08 PM

Having a written consent is important for many reasons, for one it shows visible proof of a patients wishes or agreement between the physicians, or researchers. Also attached to this should be all of the risk, benefits, and consequences that are possible due to the treatment. In the eyes of the State a written consent to be effective must be informed consent. The informed consent will include all of the following, the nature of the illness, name of the treatment, purpose of treatment, risk and probable consequences, probability of success, alternative methods along with risk and benefits, risk and prognosis with no treatment, indication that patient understands treatment and all of the above, signature of patient, physician and witness, and the date signed. For a new drug research all this information must be included in the informed consent. The patient will know what will be done to them, what the purpose is, a description of all procedures, informed of all experimental procedures, unexpected risk, a description of risk, any discomforts, alternatives, statement over viewing confidentiality, FDA may review records It will also state that you are in the trial voluntary. This document provides protection for patient and the researchers. While each consent is different it always informs the patient of any risk or benefits along with protecting the researchers and physicians as well.

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Module 2 Discussion

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Maranda Kindt posted May 9, 2019 10:12 PM

Why it is important that written consent be obtained from each patient who participates in a new drug development research?
Use at least one high-quality resource from the Saint Leo Library or other liable resources to support your answer.

It is extremely important that patients sign a consent before participating in a new drug development research that way the research team cannot be held liable if something happens to a patient. Healthcare organizations involved in research studies have protocols in place to help protect the right of patients. Not to mention that they also have a list of rights called the Experimental Subject’s Bill of Rights that patients involved in these studies must receive from the organization. Patients that are participating in these research studies must understand fully the implications, and are entitled to ask any questions they have. Physicians have patients consent to the research of a new drug development because it is the physician’s responsibility to warn patients of the risks, benefits, and alternatives to the procedure. (Pozgar, 2020)Written consent should be attained from each patient who partakes in a clinical trial. (Pozgar, 2020)Informed consent is more than a piece of paper that says the patient agrees to the drug research study and includes many more aspect. Potential participants must be provided with adequate information to make an informed decision and this must be facilitated that the patient understands, along with an appropriate amount of time to decide, and continuing to provide all information as it arises. (Informed Consent for Clinical trials, 2018) The consent form must not contain any coercive or exculpatory language through which the patient is forced to waive his or her legal rights, including the release of the investigator, sponsor, or organization from liability for negligent conduct.

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John Bruning

yesterday at 9:00 AM

Hi Nardia,

Graphical tools like the cause and effect diagram have advantages of being relatively easy to understand, even for individuals without a lot of experience in quality improvement activities. They are especially useful in analyzing processes and identifying areas that need to be addressed. I am curious to hear how you might envision using the cause and effect diagram. Can you provide an example of an application where you think this tool would be especially useful?

Thank you!

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Discussion 2 Parks

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Jordan Parks posted May 7, 2019 7:34 PM

When measuring data in CQI we have many options. I found that the medication flow chart was very useful. It was found in figure 4.4. The There are 4 steps in the process of a flow chart. 1. Define the stages of a process. 2. Further define the process. 3. Follow the input through the process a number of times. 4. Discuss with the process team to clarify the results. AS you design the flow chart it is important to assign a shape to an activity or action step. This will allow you to easier read the chart. Depending on the project Flow charts can be simple or very complex it all depends on what the goal is. It is important to set SOP’s in a large complex model. While the medication chart is a simple example 4.5 shows a medication management chart that is more complex. These two charts to me were very easy to understand and create. These are great examples when a large team is working towards a goal. It allows them to see what each department or individual should be doing to achieve the goal.


Continuous quality improvement in health care Burlington, MA 01803 978-443-5000Copyright © 2020 by Jones & Bartlett Learning, LLC, an Ascend Learning Company


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Khalid Alqahtani posted May 10, 2019 5:46 PM

According to my thinking, the best tool that can be used for identifying, measuring and interpreting the data collection is to use the continuous quality improvement bar charts. The major purpose of the continuous program is to make sure that the health can be used for implementing the data. It is the very clear quality improvement that helps to observe the right direction and make sure that the data collected can be presented in the form of the bar chart. This chart helps to see all of the ways that can be used for solving the barrier. Using the quality improvement bar charts helps to observe the data that needs to be used and make sure that the data can be collected in the right way because the bar chart helps to identifying the problems that are in the path and make sure that the issues can be solved. There is a need for staying in the right direction and understand the barriers that are being faced while dealing with the data because the bar chart helps to solve the barriers by focusing on the right way and understand the way that needs to be taken by solving the issues (Hutchins, 2016).


Hutchins, D. (2016). Hoshin Kanri: the strategic approach to continuous improvement. Routledge.