Discussion Question 1 Nurse shortage

Discussion Question 1

In the past two decades, public health professionals have launched a variety of interventions designed to improve the health of low-income urban populations. Public health strategies can be defined as organized activities designed to achieve specified health outcomes based on an analysis of causal factors and informed by a theory of health determinants.

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Explain why the primary-care setting offers important opportunities for health promotion to low-income urban populations. Then, describe the attempts that have been made to increase low-income urban population access to quality primary care.

Qestion 2

One of the key components of the health care system is the health care professional.Nurses, who happen to make up the majority of the public health care workforce and other facilities’ workforce, have seen their work roles change as a result of the current U.S. nurse shortage.While the recession altered the supply and demand of these professionals, demand is still present. Research and discuss how the nurses’ roles have changed as a result of these shortages. Describe at least three (3) recruitment methods companies are using as a means to fill their vacancies.Based on your research, which of these three (3) methods do you feel will work the best and why?A minimum of three (3) Internet sources must be cited