Discuss the effects of Heart Disease on the body of a woman in menopause

Intro: One in every 4 Americans will die of heart disease. While the incidence for men has gotten better, for women it has not.


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In a minimum 7-8 pages (includes cover and reference page), double spaced document, APA format. Discuss the effects of Heart Disease on the body of a woman in menopause. You are always welcome to go over 8 pages, (do what you need to do to get your questions answered). Be sure to answer each of the the following questions in your paper.

Writing Assignment

Total possible points: 200

I will be looking for the following criteria in your paper.

  • Were all of the questions above answered satisfactorily? (120 points)
  • Were appropriate sources (peer-reviewed articles) utilized for research? (40 points) Minimum of 3 and your book is NOT one of the 3. Use the UH library people to help.
  • Were all sources cited and included in APA formatted bibliography? (20 points) (APA format is on Blackboard if you need to look at it)
  • Entertainment value (was it interesting)? (20 points)