Denver Airport Baggage System Case Study Analysis

Case Study Analysis

Choose one of the prompts below to address in a three-page analytical essay . An analytical essay is more than just a summary of events or ideas. It should analyze them from an educated perspective. Use what you have learned in EGEN 310 as the “lens” through which you examine the case. Links below the prompts take you to web pages providing some introductory information about each case, company, product or process . You MUST learn more about your chosen case study by examining at least two more references. Use good essay writing technique, with an introductory paragraph and a strong thesis statement, supporting body paragraphs and a conclusion. Essays should be double spaced with 1 inch margins and use Calibri 11 point font

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Design philosophy

Analyze the design philosophy of one of the companies shown below and compare with the design process taught in EGEN 310. Assess the success of the design process used by your chosen company and identify any weak points.



Project Management

The products and processes below ultimately failed due to management mistakes. Choose a case study to learn more about and analyze the mistakes made. How might it have gone better?

Denver International Airport

Airbus A380

Teaming and Leadership

Examine the successes and failures of a technical team described in one of the case studies below or of

your choosing. Using our leadership curricula as a lens, analyze what the team did well and how they

might improve.

Chilean Miners…