DB 11

Directions: It is easy to say to yourself, “I am a non-science major, why is this technology important to me? I will leave understanding these technologies to the scientists.” However, it is important that everyone (people interested and studying science and people who are not directly in the field) have a basic understanding of the technology. Why? That is the question I pose to you for this module’s discussion board. It is important to consider that this technology affects everyone. There are two areas where I would like you to focus your efforts this module: The first is the use of GM technology in crops and the second is vaccinating children.

Recently there has been an increase in parents refusing to vaccinate their children. Some celebrities and others have made statements regarding the safety of vaccines and claimed that vaccines cause autism. There is no scientific evidence to support this claim.

Scientific evidence, where to get it, and how to identify credible sources are all important aspects of being an educated member of society. So here is the question, Why should you care if there is a rise in unvaccinated children? Watch this short video on Vaccine Safety (video 7:56 minutes) and then answer the question stated above. Address why the spread of this unsupported claim is dangerous for society on the whole. Here are a couple of things to consider:Vaccines save lives and the CDC has put forth a recommended vaccination schedule. There are some who cannot be vaccinated for a variety of reasons. What are those reasons?Describe why the parents who choose not to vaccinate their children because they are afraid vaccines cause autism are relying on others who do vaccinate to protect their children from vaccine-preventable diseases.Choose one disease that is preventable with vaccination and is on the rise.Why is it inaccurate for a parent who chooses not to vaccinate their child to say to a person who will vaccinate their child, “My decision does not affect you if you choose to vaccinate your child.”

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