Create a organizational plan for a fictional Christian healthcare organization.

  • In the context of a Christian healthcare provider describe a fictional Christian healthcare organization you’re attempting to open and obtain funding for.

The organizational plan should include and describe the following:

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  1. The physical location where services will be provide;
  2. Physical location of the equipment;
  3. The department responsible for the budget;
  4. The division responsible for operations;
  5. The directly responsible supervisor;
  6. The composition of the overall management team.
  • Utilize scripture integration in describing your management team and how they will oversee and promote the financial well being of the company.
  • Cite a minimum of 10 scholarly journal articles, of which at least 5 must address the biblical and theological aspects of leadership.
  • No plagiarism, must be your own idea!
  • 1500-1800 word count range, excluding any graph, charts or modeling.