Class discussion question

The ecological services provided by conservation areas are diverse and sometimes not easily understood or appreciated by the general public who may desire quantifiable, economic measures of their value. How would you persuade someone who believes that ecological services are unmeasurable and provide no value to human society that they are in fact valuable?

Must be your own words as per the professor….no references. Please respond within 1 paragraph

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Please respond to the classmate response

First, I would explain to them: every one has values. Even though their values are different from mine, they don’t need neglect the fact that ecological services are important to every day living. I’m not the type of person to bash another person’s values, but I would let them know, that as people, we do waste a lot of trees, and we don’t take care of our forests, nor do we value the beauty of our oceans. We as a people, don’t clean up behind ourselves, so how can we value our lands, forests, oceans, and the beauty of creation. We must do better with pollution, and keeping the earth clean. At night, we’ll breath and sleep better.