CEGR324 STAAD Pro Project 2 Modeling Process

Model the school building with the plan and sections as shown below. The building is a 3-story ordinary moment resisting concrete structure that has to be constructed in southern Maryland. Using STAAD Pro or similar software build the structural model, calculate the various loads and prepare the load combination using ASCE 7-10 and apply on structure. Obtain and show diagrams for member forces and moments as well as reactions at the support and find the maximum values for design purposes.

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^ This link contains ASCE 7-10. You will need it to calculate the various loads and prepare the load combination.

My group number from the table is 1.

After you finish the project, Answer the following questions on a separate paper:

  • How did you made your model?
  • How the beams, columns, and slabs are modeled?
  • What are the joints restrains?
  • What are the loading type an combinations?
  • Explain the load calculations.
  • How did you performed the analysis in the software?
  • Show the internal forces and moments.
  • How do you verify your results?