case study-Autism and its genetics

Please include a 200 word abstract and in-text citation and references used.

1. Describe if chromosomal analysis is/was indicated, and detail the chromosomal change that caused the disease if it is a chromosomal disorder.

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2. Describe the disorder in terms of its origin as either a single gene inheritance, or as a complex inheritance and considerations for practice and patient education.

3. Describe the gene mutation of the disease, as well as whether it is acquired or inherited, and how the mutation occurs.

(1-3 write about 1000-1250 words)

4. Examine how genetics can influence policy issues.

5. Discuss any nutritional influences for this disease.

6. Process of nutritional assessment and counseling as it relates to health, prevention, screening, diagnostics, prognostics, selection of treatment, and monitoring of treatment effectiveness.

(4-6 write about 1000-1250 words)

7. Discuss any ethical considerations for this disease.

8. Compare how genetics can improve care and health outcomes while reducing cost to usual practices.

9. Discuss the changes in approaches to care when new evidence warrants evaluation of other options for improving outcomes or decreasing adverse events.

10. Create a plan for how you might educate colleagues and/or patients on this genetic disorder.

(7-10 write about 1000-1250 words)