Capella University Policy and Organizational Behavior Paper


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You did a great job with this assignment as your executive assignment was organized, succinct and professional. I have a few questions about several of your criteria so see my feedback in the scoring guide. Please highlight your revisions.

In researching your own organization’s approach to the core measures, have you thought about how the nurses can participate in the decision making process in complying with the core measures?


Compare the compliance rates of a specific measure for different organizations. Compares and contrasts the compliance rates of a specific measure for different organizations.


In comparing and contrasting compliance rates for your core measure of stroke with other organizations what did you learn about your current practices? You can include a table with the compliance rates from other facilities if that is easier.


Identify the stakeholders affected by changes to a specific compliance measure and describe changes that would improve compliance of a specific measure. Describes changes that would improve compliance of a specific measure and explains how the changes would impact stakeholders and contribute to overall quality improvement.


You discussed who your stakeholders are. What changes can be made to improve compliance to the core measure of stroke in your facility? How would these changes impact the stakeholders? How would the changes contribute to quality improvement in your organization?

Some extra information in regard this course:


Investigate your organization’s compliance rate with one specific core measure of your choice and write a 2-3-page (maximum) executive summary analyzing the financial and regulatory impact of organizational compliance with your chosen measure. Include recommendations for improving performance on the measure.

In order to promote safe, caring, patient-centered environments, nurse leaders must both conceptually understand and be proficient at performing a wide variety of leadership skills. Effective nursing leaders develop and maintain awareness of issues that emerge at many levels within and outside of their organizations. In addition to developing self-assessing competencies necessary for their roles, nurse leaders must also acquire organizational and systems leadership skill sets.


In this program, you have examined the role, concepts, and principles of health care policy and how legal and regulatory agencies interact with professional nursing practice. You have also looked closely at the factors that impact disparities in health care access. This understanding of health care policy, as well as the multicultural, socioeconomic, political, legal, and regulatory elements that affect individuals, communities, and vulnerable populations, positions nurses to bring about change through effective communication with colleagues, consumers, and officials. Added to this is your demonstrated knowledge of financial management and cost containment, as well as how they affect quality of care.

Questions to Consider

To deepen your understanding, you are encouraged to consider the questions below and discuss them with a fellow learner, a work associate, an interested friend, or a member of the business community.

  • What is the relationship between financial reimbursement and quality of care?
  • How can nurses and health care organizations influence health policy?
  • What is the process in your organization to initiate, implement, and support improvement changes?

Assessment Instructions

For this assessment, write an executive summary analyzing the financial and regulatory impact of organizational compliance with a specific core measure of your choice. The summary must include recommendations for improving performance on the measure.

You must be able to explain the financial implications associated with the measure, as well as its importance in terms of policy, regulation, and finance. This is another good opportunity to consult with a key stakeholder within the organization. Talking to someone who works closely with the organization’s finances can help you develop a deeper understanding of the financial aspects of compliance. You also need to suggest ways your organization can improve compliance and how you would implement changes and overcome obstacles.

This may seem like an enormous undertaking, but you should approach it as if you were to present this information to your supervisor or manager. Keeping in mind that people in these positions do not have time to read a 10–12-page report, you would typically give them only an executive summary of your analyses and recommendations. That means that you will need to be very clear and very concise with the information you choose to include in the executive summary. Say as much as possible with as few words as possible.