biology lap report T-DNA

it needs 2 or 3 more pages


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Explanation of T-DNA, what it is, how it functions and its biological applications 1 Provide two examples (1o Literature) of T-DNA applications 2 State the purpose of PCR and electrophoresis as used in the study 1 What is purpose of the experiment, explanation of experiment, 2 hypotheses and prediction defined 1

Materials and Methods

Use of past, passive tense 2 Include PCR method 2 Gel electrophoresis with specific details such as % gel, buffer, voltage run, 1 Visualization of gel, image acquisition 0.5 MW marker- state sizes and name of vendor 0.5


Begin with a narrative 1 Clear text description of result that proceeds figure 2 Digitized image of gel,

Inclusion of: gel picture with labelled wells, – marker, +/- control, 1 samples by number (1-6?) on x axis, 1 y axis with MW of ladder aligning to band 1 thorough description of gel qualitatively- all bands including the 1 amplified product and other amplifications,

Figure legend below image with description of DNA in each lane 0.5 Reference to figure in text 0.5


Defined objective 1 Hypothesis accepted or rejected and why 1 Sources of error 1Relationship of work to that of others/alternative study 1Future experiments/modifications to experimen.

please use the ( DNA Extraction and Gel Electrophoresis ) file to understand the experiment

# use the gel picture in the file