Bio Discussions 11&12

You must have at least 4 meaningful sentences in the discussion.  Discussions must be in Microsoft Word and must be an original answer no plagiarism.  Primary postings should include either a concise summary of information from the textbook or an analysis of the topic under study.  Please don’t use long quotations.  Please note within the text of your discussion posting where you got your information.  Outside research should be academic in nature and come from reputable peer reviewed sources.  You must include your references with your posting cited in APA style.  Discussion questions will be answered seperately.

Discussion 11

Mendel developed the laws of segregation and independent assortment based on the results of his pea plant experiments.  Do you believe these laws are explained by mitosis or meiosis and why?  Explain your reasoning.

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Discussion 12

The particulate theory of inheritence was demonstrated by Mendel’s pea plant experiments, but does this always occur?  Do you believe it is possible for a trait to be both polygenic and multifactorial?