Behaviorism The Genesis Principle Of Leadership In Healthcare Management

Two articles and views on Behaviorism

* Read the pages in the text (1-12) in addition to both articles posted in this lesson. The first article is as the title states, an overview of the behavioral perspective. The second article by DeMar gives a very interesting view of behaviorism. It is written in opposition to behaviorism. You will want to become familiar with more research and materials that both support and also are skeptical of this approach. This will help you form a very well-rounded view of this subject. Also, watch the Big Bang Theory video clip on Behavior Modification.

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* After reading the assigned chapter readings, both articles, and viewing the video clip, compile a response/reaction to DeMar’s view of behaviorism.


1)At this point in your education, do you agree or disagree with DeMar?

2)What are your thoughts and reactions to this statement?…

“…the ethical consequences of behaviorism are great. Man is stripped of his responsibility, freedom, and dignity, and is reduced to a purely biological being, to be “shaped” by those who are able to use the tools of behaviorism effectively.”

* Summarize your response, be sure to address both questions and post it in the discussion board. It is a good idea to copy the questions and paste them to your discussion post, so that we are all aware of what you are answering.