Assignment 4-Farmers Market Planning


For this assignment, I would like you to explore your creative side and design your ideal Farmers Market booth.  Conduct some background research and learn about the requirements for establishing a booth as well as what operating a booth entails.  As always, if you have any questions, feel free to post them in the General Q&A Discussion thread.

Here is your Assignment #4 instructions, grading rubric, and questions:  Farmers Market Planning  (pdf version)

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Here’s the Farm Direct FAQ resource you will need to review prior to completing this assignment.

Also, here is a quick “Need Help with Assign #4?” presentation (pdf version) that I put together with some helpful ideas for designing your Farmers Market booth.  There are two YouTube videos linked within the presentation (making your display and booth set-up), which are linked below.

Making your Display  (Links to an external site.)

Booth Set-up (Links to an external site.)