apply basic excel functions to a spreadsheet generated by the cdc on nutrition, physical activity and obesity

This assignment consist of 3 parts

sort the data on a spreadsheet to answer the following questions.

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1. Which state had the highest percent of low-income children aged 2 to less than 5 years who are obese (MBI) for age and sex > 95th percentile on ced growth chart)?What is the percent value?

2. Which state had the highest sample size?

3. What percent of the total sample size was represented by tribes in the United States?

Save each sort and submit it as a worksheet in your Excel workbook. Label each worksheet.

Part II

Use the linked map generated by this data set to answer the following questions

1. What regional trends in this data are illustrated on this map?

Which states showed the highest obesity rates? Which showed the lowest?

part III

Use the CDC site Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity Data Trends and Maps to generate your own table and table and map by selecting your own criteria. You will need to select a location, an indicator Category, and then an indicator from the drop-down menus provided. Once your map and table is generated scroll to the bottom of the page to locate the citation information you will need for your references section.

Copy and paste the data table you generated into an Excel spreadsheet Manipulate the columns and cell to display the data accurately, and then report the regions with the highest and lowest trends by sorting the data.

3. Insert your sorted spreadsheet as a table and your map as an image on powerpoint slides include a Title slide and reference slide. Describe the trends for each table and image in the notes section of the respective slide`1