Analyzing/Reporting on Counterfactual Data

APA FORMATTING ONLY! If you are unfamiliar writing in this format please do not waste my time!

***Assignment is due Monday October 5th by 10:00 PM EASTERN TIME***

The methods/results paper will be based on a short survey study of Counterfactual Thinking, or “If only” statements we often make to mentally undo an outcome. Students will view the reported data on SPSS, analyze the data, and write a paper that incorporates a title page, methods section and results section for the study. 

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You will need to login to SPSS to view and report the data collected from this study.

This is the website to use:

I will give you the login information once a handshake has been created.

Please view the attatched links. If you have trouble opening ELabs (also known as SPSS) I have attatched a helpful step by step guide to assist you. Another link is instructions for how to properly format the paper (APA) and the other is an example paper for you to reference while writing this one. There is also an attatched word document with the frequencies of the participants that you will need to view as well.