Abnormal RBC Morphology Echinocyte and Howell Jolly Bodies Research Paper

I choose Echinocyte and Howell-Jolly bodies to discuses

B.T. Constantino. 2015. “Reporting and grading of abnormal red blood cell morphology (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.,” International Journal of Laboratory Hematology, 37:1-7 (OER)

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For this assignment, write a brief research report (~150-400 words) describing one type of aberrant RBC morphology from textbook Table 10-8* and one type of inclusion from Table 10-10*. *(Equivalent content from 2nd edition: RBC morphology featured in table 8-12 & figure 8-7; RBC inclusions featured in table 8-14 & figure 8-11)

  • Elaborate on cellular/molecular mechanisms that cause these abnormalities and the related clinical consequences or associated disease conditions.
  • Comment briefly on the challenges of how RBC abnormalities are graded in a clinical laboratory, as considered in the Constantino article.
  • At the end of your post, include a provocative, open ended question to which your classmates can respond.
  • Be sure to cite all resources. APA format preferred but not required.