What is your biggest Weakness?

My biggest weakness is my expectations of perfection in my entire environment.

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Describe how you resolved the conflict with a co-worker or patient?

As I see it, is vital for a professional nurse to have superb communication such as effective listening skills and verbal persuasion. That way, you can effortlessly comprehend the anxieties of the patients, impact their feelings, and describe treatment procedures in an understandable way to diminish resistance. Working closely with problematic coworkers can be tricky but it is essential to remember the patient, their care, and their family. Placing aside disagreements is vital for all nurses because not every person is the same. At times this implies not debating specific topics such as religion or politics at work. Not every person will become friends in the workplace but working together is important for effective care. (Gaines, 2020).

Tell me about yourself?

I am passionate about my work and profession, ambitious and driven, highly organized. I am a people person; I am a natural leader. Also, I am a results-oriented and excellent communicator and listener. I am a student who tries for the absolute best grades, obtained a summa Cum Laden in my associate and bachelor’s degrees. It is my goal for the masters and the DNP. I am greatly confident about myself. I always loved health care, But I could not study it in my country due to politics and embrace the opportunity in the USA to change my career from Cybernetics Mathematics to Nursing. Through my years of practice, I found that preventive care is my preferred clinical practice.


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